A trip to the wonderland

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A trip to the wonderland

You might come back with more than memories of fantastical hallucinations and grinning like a Cheshire cat! A new case report published by two clinicians working in the field of addictions and dual disorders in Israel, Dr. Arturo Lerner and Dr.

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As we are in the scientific middle-ages in understanding both AIWS and HPPD, reports like this can promote awareness and understanding of these conditions, and lead to more accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment. Such investigations may also reveal knowledge regarding how we humans perceive reality itself.

Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder As described in the DSM-V, HPPD is a condition in which a person, after the cessation of intake of hallucinogensre-experiences certain visuals which were experienced while intoxicated with the hallucinogen. However, Lerner and Colleagues were also the first to report cases of LSD-related flashbacks in which new imagery is experienced.

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Lerner informed us in his Brain Blogger interview: Misdiagnosing flashbacks and HPPD with organic or functional psychosis sometimes leads to the unnecessary prescription of antipsychotic agents. Lerner and colleagues have outlined the two main types of HPPD syndromes: Individuals with HPPS II re-experience chronic and persistent altered perceptions of reality, that in rare cases can last a lifetime, and endure: Users are certainly aware of these severe, intruding and disabling consequences of substance consumption and generally actively seek psychiatric help…[and] regularly stop the ingestion of these substances including cannabis derivatives, synthetic cannabis and alcohol.

Meanwhile, deciphering what is going on in the brain is confounded by the great variability in the types of recurrent hallucinations and different subtypes associated with various psychoactive drugsindicating that multiple HPPD mechanisms may be at play.

A trip to the wonderland

And although the prevalence of HPPD II or flashbacks is currently unknown, initial estimates among individuals who use hallucinogens is approximately 4. And if you are thinking you need to regularly use, or indeed abuse, hallucinogens to get the disorder, you would be wrong, first time users can also develop HPPD.

As described by Dr. Lerner, the man in the case study saw four main visual distortions characteristic of AIWS: Sometimes they were seen in movement.

Body parts head, arms, and fingersshoes, a teapot, pens, or a cellular phone for example, were seen smaller or larger than they actually were known as micropsia and macropsia respectively.


AIWS, being neurological in nature, is also experienced by people with migraines, brain tumors, frontal lobe epilepsy, influenza A infection, Lyme disease, infectious mononucleosis, and in both healthy children and children with migraines, with more girls being affected than boys.

Therefore many people may experience it briefly and benignly and not seek out medical help.

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LSD-associated Alice in Wonderland Syndrome AIWS is generally well-known to be experienced with those under the influence of psychotropics but has never, until now, been reported to remain after drug use has been stopped.

Lev-Ran presented an attractive theory in their case report: It is normally described as having six distinctive layers: The first two layers are formed by magnocellular cells and the final four layers are formed by parvocellular cells.

Lerner adds in his interview:A trip in wonderland, Brassó, Brasov, Romania. likes.

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