Advertising causes and effects essay

Writing Tips A cause and effect relationship means that one thing causes another one or that one thing is the effect of another one. Some cause and effect examples:

Advertising causes and effects essay

Fresh news and facts about education and college life. Advertising Ethic Issues HandMadeWritings Staff Comments 0 Comments In advertising, the female form over the years has been employed as a medium of psychological persuasion, used as a compelling element to promote and encourage the purchase of products.

Advertisements are motivating as well as convincing tools that leave essential impact within the perception and minds of audiences.

They are employed as a means of communication intended to convince listeners, readers and viewers to act on certain stimuli or to make purchases. The media through the use of pleasing images and narratives tend to attract the attention of its projected audience.

The female form has been one of the most used and portrayed images in advertising in the 21st century Riechert, The female form thus has become an ideal medium for conveying messages to the audience.

In a bid to sell products, advertisers and the general mass media make use Advertising causes and effects essay the female form often with an emphasis on facial features, breast, midriffs, thighs, bare behinds, and legs to reinforce the notion that women should be viewed as objects rather than humans with ambitions, emotions and ideals.

Advertising has successfully come to portray the feminine gender as an object. The implication of such conceptualization has led to the exploitation of the female form and women as a whole. The role, as well as perception of women within society, has become stereotyped.

Looking critically at a billboard or watching an ad on the television, it is easy to come to a realization that such portrayals would be demeaning to most women. Every individual who has watched the news, movies, musical videos and adverts of some products has in one way or the other witnessed stereotypes.

Many have asked what Gucci what trying to establish with such an illustration. The ad definitely makes a point of the superiority of the male gender and thus, its dominance over the female which literally puts women down. Stereotyping has existed since the dawn of civilization and is observable in every sphere of the society in which we dwell Reichert, Advertising has exploited this notion and uses it to get products and brands noticed.

Brands, firms and products make their ads go viral by putting a sparsely clad model in the ad. Stuck with your assignment? Select your type of paper Place your order Get a professional writer to complete it Donwload your paper Select your type of paper Get a professional writer to complete it Place your order Learn More Advertisements promote gender stereotype via the exploitation of the female form, undermining the female intelligence and portraying women in roles and manners that are demeaning and insulting.

Above all, these illustrations of the female form portrayed in ads are not completely true. Is it right to transform the image of the body and face of women in order to promote a specific kind of look, which defines how a beautiful woman look like?

Every individual, every woman is made different. Uniqueness is what spices up our society.

Advertising causes and effects essay

Hence, one may begin to wonder why the same society is trying so ridiculously hard to compel people to believe or think everyone needs to be perfect. The notion or ideology that a particular look is the most ideal and appreciated by society has been sold to women.

Social theorist, Kilbourne establishes that while the average human sees close to two thousand ads on a daily basis, they are subjected to seeing images of what society portrays as the ideal woman, a sense of digital manipulation where women are beautiful, slim, perfectly shaped, long legged and model like.

This portrayal of women in the ads has made real women think they should look like models, an artificial concept of the notion of beauty.Cause and Effect Analysis: Advertising for Blood Donation Words Jan 7th, 5 Pages Advertising encourages people to donate blood and can also be used as a reminder.

Advertising causes and effects essay

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Posted by David Tucker to. Writing Tips; Trace causes and effects of the phenomenon. Cause and Effect essay 1. Cause and effect writing explains why an event happened or what the consequences of such an event.

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