An occurrence at owl creek bridge research paper

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An occurrence at owl creek bridge research paper

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That means, he is not a character in the story himself. This blend of realism lets the reader call into question the reliability of the narrator.

Thus Ambrose Bierce manipulated the reader by using the imaginations of the main character. This character is so strong developed, that the reader trusts him and follows his tracks without having any doubts with regard to his credibility.

But, however, Peyton Farquhar gets diverted by his own thoughts and so the plot drags out in all kinds of unorganized directions.

So the story is absolutely unpredictable till the end and this is what makes the story so astoundingly. If the use of narrative situations would have been changed, the effect on the reader would have been totally different, especially in part III in which, except in the last sentence, the figural narrative situation is used to lead the reader through the story.

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But it would have been possible to tell the story by using a first-person narrator who experience all those adventures in the river, in the forest etc. Time is one of the most significant markers in this short story to let the reader know what is happening and how it should be perceived.

That means that the ratio between story time and discourse time differ widely from each other. Another example would be in part III when the reader experiences the imaginary escape of Farquhar, which actually takes place in a few seconds, pages and pages.

The time order in this story is not chronological but anachronic, because in the first part the whole story is told while the second part suddenly describes the prehistory and in the third part the whole story is told again but in a totally different way with different experiences.

Surrealism in an occurrence at owl creek bridge

That means that part II is itself a flashback because we learn about the prehistory. There is also a flash forward right at the beginning of part III that ends before the last sentence.

Another flash forward happens in part I right in the beginning of the story when the reader does not know why this man is on that bridge and is going to be hanged.

Time in terms of history is also important, because this is the real time and enables the reader to put the setting and plot within a specific point of historical time, which is the time of the American Civil War in this case, in order. The story exemplifies the theme of delusion in two different ways.

On the one hand there is a delusion with regard to the plot itself, because the main character Farquhar is taken by the false gray-clad soldier and due to this delusion he has to die.

On the other hand there is the delusion with regard to the reader, because the reader believes in part III until the unexpected ending that Farquhar has survived.

Moccasin Telegraph

So the narrator plays with the reader with the help of the mixture of story time and discourse time, as well as all these flashbacks and flash forwards mentioned above and finally with the help of the unexpected changes of the narrative perspectives.

The combination of all these aspects creates a great delusion that makes it almost impossible for the reader to distinguish between reality and illusion. English and American Literatures.An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge In “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” what literary device does Ambrose Bierce use in section two?

An occurrence at owl creek bridge research paper

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An occurrence at owl creek bridge research paper

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Oppositions in “A Rose for Emily” and “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” A five page paper looking at the way these two stories by William Faulkner and Ambrose Bierce, respectively, illustrate binary thinking about the relationship of North and South. he phrase "Moccasin Telegraph" dates back to the frontier days, around the time the telegraph lines were being strung along the railroads.

In the fall of , An Occurrence Remembered, a theatrical retelling of Bierce's An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge and Chickamauga, premiered off-Broadway in New York City under the production and direction of Lorin Morgan-Richards and lead choreographer Nicole Cavaliere.

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