An overview of the major events in the 1960s in the united states

Disasters[ edit ] Natural: The Valdivia earthquakealso known as the Great Chilean earthquake, is to date the most powerful earthquake ever recorded, rating 9.

An overview of the major events in the 1960s in the united states

The s Business and the Economy: Overview The American economy flourished during the s, as it had during the previous decade.

Despite dips at various points throughout the decade, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a composite of the prices of thirty top U. In Januaryit topped 1, for the first time. Increasing numbers of Americans owned stock and, between andstock market growth outdistanced the booming market or bull market of the s.

Inflation an increase in currency circulating in the economy, leading to a sharp decrease in its value and a rise in prices and recession a temporary decrease in business activity at a time when it had been thriving were familiar words to business and economy watchers during the s, and in decades to come.

However, unlike the s, the s stock market boom was not followed by a depression an extended period characterized by decreased business activity, increased joblessness, and falling wages and prices. Despite this prosperity, major shifts were occurring in American business and the workforce.

Preexisting corporations were merging and becoming larger, more powerful conglomerates. Consumers increasingly were doing their shopping at discount chain stores and their dining at inexpensive fast-food restaurants, leading to a decrease in the number of single-proprietor businesses.

Small farms, and a cherished American way of life, were becoming extinct. Larger, often corporate-owned, farms were replacing family farms, and newly developed farm technology was increasing farm output.

Meanwhile, manufacturers were relocating from the Northeast and Midwest to nonunion Southern states, taking jobs with them and robbing industrial cities of their vitality. Manufacturers also were opening factories in foreign countries to take further advantage of cheap labor. These shifts led to a decline in the power of unions.

America was becoming less reliant on industrial and manufacturing industries, as the rapid development of high-tech electronics led to the dawn of the Information Age. Now more than ever, workers found themselves sitting at desks and pushing papers, rather than tilling the soil, working on assembly lines, or making products with their hands.

Adding to all this was the increasing presence of women in the workforce.

An overview of the major events in the 1960s in the united states

Some took jobs for practical purposes, such as to add to the family income. Young women, in particular, were also being affected by the growing feminist movement. They wanted the freedom to choose their own lifestyles, to pursue professional careers, and to have alternatives to being full-time homemakers.

The automobile boom of the s continued into the s.Watch video · The s were a tumultuous decade defined by counterculture protests and the civil rights movement, as well as s fashion, music and hairstyles.

Learn more on A Decade of Change: A 60's timeline of events. One of the things that I would like to do is offer a bit of timeline history on the glorious decade of the sixties. s Important News and Events, Key Technology Fashion and Popular Culture The United States decides to send 3, U.S.

troops to Vietnam. TIROS-1, the first weather satellite, is launched by the U.S. Other Major Events From The 60's. The 60's were a decade once again dominated by a war (VIETNAM)not a world war but the effects .

The United States, in the middle of a social revolution, led the world in LGBT rights in the late s and early s. Inspired by the civil-rights movement and the women's movement, early gay-rights pioneers had begun, by the s, to build a heartoftexashop.comnium: 2nd millennium.

Significant events in music in the s: Elvis Presley returned to civilian life in the U.S. after two years away in the U.S. Army. Sam Cooke was shot and killed at a motel in Los Angeles, California [11 December ] at age 33 under suspicious circumstances.

Motown Record Corporation was . An article on United States social and historical events during the s, including the political climate and legislative accomplishments. The s in the United States. The major social and historical events of a tumultuous decade.

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