Business plan erstellen aufbau chart

This article explains how WordPress determines which template file s to use on individual pages. If you want to customize an existing WordPress theme it will help you decide which template file needs to be edited. Overview Overview WordPress uses the query string to decide which template or set of templates should be used to display the page.

Business plan erstellen aufbau chart

Aug 22, A picture is worth a thousand words Find out when graphs and charts can help your business plan, and when they can hurt it. I often hear the question, "how many graphs or charts should I have in my business plan?

Advertisement To begin, the key point to consider in developing your business plan is the time restraints of your audience.

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If your audience is a retired angel investor, he may have few obligations and can spend an hour reviewing your business plan. However, the more likely scenario is that a venture capitalist, corporate investor or loan officer will review your plan while sitting at a desk topped with fifty other business plans.

As such, it is critical that your plan conveys its key points quickly and easily - this is where graphs or charts come in. In determining whether to use a graph or chart, consider the old adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words.

That is, the graph or chart should supplement the text; it should not be explained ad nauseum in the text, or that defeats its purpose.

Likewise, the graph or chart must be relevant and support the text, rather than detract from it. That is, after reading seven business plans, an investor is likely to skip a page with words of straight text.

Advertisement Finally, if the business plan is only being presented to a single or a small number of investors, the amount of graphs and charts should reflect the wants, needs and sophistication of those few readers.

business plan erstellen aufbau chart

For instance, if the plan is being presented only to strategic investors who understand the market, graphs can be used to convey information for which these investors may already have background knowledge. Conversely, always keep in mind that the plan is not a slide presentation, and too many graphs and charts may position the company as one that is too lazy to complete the process of developing a formal business plan.

To summarize, the amount of charts and graphs used in the business plan must reflect the audience for the plan; an audience that is usually time and energy constrained. The charts and graphs must complement the text, enable the audience to quickly and easily digest the information, and as always, interest the audience in taking the next step e.

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The Template Hierarchy In Detail # The Template Hierarchy In Detail. While the template hierarchy is easier to understand as a diagram, the following sections describe the order in which template files are called by WordPress for a number of query types.

Using the chart above is the best way to determine what WordPress will display.

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