Duchess of malfi essay

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Duchess of malfi essay

Their spy in her household is Bosola, her master of horse. The duchess falls in love with her steward, Antonio, and marries him secretly. Later, she secretly bears a son.

He dispatches a letter immediately to Rome to inform the brothers. The years pass and the duchess bears Antonio two more children, a second son and a daughter.

Duke Ferdinand comes to the court to propose Count Malateste as a second husband for the duchess. Impatient with his informer, the duke decides on a bolder course of action.

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That night, using a key Bosola gives him, the duke goes to her bedroom. After the duke leaves, she calls Antonio and her loyal servant Cariola to her chamber.

The duchess calls Bosola and tells him that Antonio falsified some accounts. As soon as Bosola leaves, she recalls Antonio and tells him of the feigned crime of which she accused him to shield both their honors, and then bids him flee to the town of Ancona, where they will meet later.

In the presence of Bosola and the officers of her guard she accuses Antonio of stealing money and banishes him from Malfi. With feigned indignation, Antonio replies that such is the treatment of thankless masters, and he leaves for Ancona.

When the duped Bosola upholds Antonio in an argument with the duchess, she feels she can trust him with the secret of her marriage and asks him to take jewels and money to her husband at Ancona.

Bosola, in return, advises her to make her own departure from the court more seemly by going to Ancona by way of the shrine of Loretto, so that the flight might look like a religious pilgrimage.

Bosola immediately travels to Rome, where he betrays the plans of Antonio and the duchess to Duke Ferdinand and the cardinal. They thereupon promptly have the lovers banished from Ancona. Antonio refuses and flees with his older son toward Milan.

At Malfi, the duke again visits her in her chamber. Finally Bosola comes and strangles the duchess. Cariola and the children are also strangled, though not with the quiet dignity with which the duchess accepted her fate. When Bosola asks Duke Ferdinand for his reward, the hypocritical duke laughs and replies that the only reward for such a crime is its pardon.

Duchess of malfi essay

He demands his reward. That night, all plans miscarry. In the dark, Bosola accidentally murders Antonio, the man he hoped to make an ally in his revenge on Duke Ferdinand and the cardinal. A few minutes later, Bosola stabs the cardinal and is in turn stabbed by the mad Duke Ferdinand, who rushes into the room.

Bosola, with his last strength, stabs the duke and they both die. Alarmed, the guards break into the apartments to discover the bodies. Into the welter of blood, a courtier leads the younger son of the Duchess of Malfi and Antonio, whom Antonio took to Milan.

He is proclaimed ruler of the lands held by his mother and his uncles.Essays A - F.

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Jun 06,  · The Duchess of Malfi Analysis of the third scene (lines ), Act I “The Duchess Of Malfi” is a tragedy divided into five acts, each one subdivided in several scenes; the first act, which consists of three scenes, is really crowded and introduces the main and secondary.

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