Essay on life of prophet muhammad

The total number of such prophets is one lac and twenty four thousand. The Prophet of Islam Peace be upon him was the last messenger of God to the whole world. They led a cruel life.

Essay on life of prophet muhammad

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Leadership analysis of the two former Arab leaders Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Alnahyan and Saddam Hussein were two great Arab leaders that significantly influenced the Arab world, but there is very little resemblance in their leadership styles. As a manner of manifestation, the two had very distinct leadership styles, although their objective was somewhat common: General leadership analysis The two Arab leaders had similar objectives, the unification of the Arab world, but different leadership styles, almost opposite.

Saddam Hussein exerted an autocratic leadership style that consisted in the strict surveillance of his subordinates, informational flows directed mostly up-down, inspiring fear to his subordinates, using fear as a way of control.

In opposition, Sheikh Zayed exerted a democratic leadership style, having as most main traits: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Retrieved March 25, at http: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills. The Nature and Importance of Leadership.

Essay on life of prophet muhammad

Traits, Motives, and Characteristics of Leaders. Power, Politics, and Leadership.Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca in August AD at a time when almost the whole Arabia practiced polytheistic religion. The name Muhammad means the blessed one.

The Arabs traced their origin to Abraham whom they knew was a monotheistic AN ESSAY ON HAZRAT MUHAMMAD P.B.U.H Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last prophet of Allah.

He was born at Makkah in A.D. His father Abdullah had died before he was The Prophet Muhammad The Prophet Muhammad is the founder of Islam.

Essay on life of prophet muhammad

He is known as the Messenger of God to people of the Islamic faith. Muhammad lived a rough life but he also changed people’s lives. Abstract The Biography of The Prophet written by Karen Armstrong, is made up by ten chapters. There are some clear time charts to outline the genealogy of Muhammad, as well as two different maps from the 7 th Century..

Essay on life of prophet muhammad

There is an interesting approach within the book, which focuses on not the importance of Muhammad in his own religion, but in the / Muhammad Abdullah also known as Mohammed is the founding prophet of the Islam religion and is fondly referred to as the God's (Allah - Arabic name for God) prophet by the Muslims (followers of Islam)  · Muhammad (Arabic: مُحمّد ‎, pronounced ; c.

CE – 8 June CE) was the founder of Islam. According to Islamic doctrine, he was a prophet, sent to present and confirm the monotheistic teachings preached previously by Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets. He is viewed as the final prophet of God in all the main branches of Islam, though some modern denominations

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