Johann sebastian bach acclaimed one of the giants in musical history

Although he was admired by his contemporaries primarily as an outstanding harpsichordist, organist, and expert on organ building, Bach is now generally regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time and is celebrated as the creator of the Brandenburg ConcertosThe Well-Tempered Clavierthe Mass in B Minor, and numerous other masterpieces of church and instrumental music.

Johann sebastian bach acclaimed one of the giants in musical history

His sacred music, organ and choral works, and other instrumental music had an enthusiasm and seeming freedom that concealed immense rigor. Many consider him the greatest composer of all time.

Bach was born in Eisenach in He was taught to play the violin and harpsichord by his father, Johann Ambrosius, a court trumpeter in the service of the Duke of Eisenach. Young Johann was not yet ten when his father died, leaving him orphaned.

He was taken in by his recently married oldest brother, Johann Christophwho lived in Ohrdruf.

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His voice changed a short while later, but he stayed on as an instrumentalist. After taking a short-lived post in Weimar in as a violinist, Bach became organist at the Neue Kirche in Arnstadt His relationship with the church council was tenuous as the young musician often shirked his responsibilities, preferring to practice the organ.

One account describes a four-month leave granted Bachto travel to Lubeck where he would familiarize himself with the music of Dietrich Buxtehude. He returned to Arnstadt long after was expected and much to the dismay of the council.

He then briefly served at St. He next took a post for the Duke of Sachsen-Weimar inserving as court organist and playing in the orchestra, eventually becoming its leader in A short while later, he met his second wife, soprano Anna Magdalena Wilcke, whom he married in December She would bear 13 children, though only five would survive childhood.

It was in Leipzig that he composed the bulk of his religious and secular cantatas. Bach eventually became dissatisfied with this post, not only because of its meager financial rewards, but also because of onerous duties and inadequate facilities.

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He also became music director at the Dresden Court inin the service of Frederick Augustus II; though his duties were vague and apparently few, they allowed him freedom to compose what he wanted. Bach began making trips to Berlin in the s, not least because his son Carl Philipp Emanuel served as a court musician there.

Besieged by diabetes, he died on July 28, An unfinished creative work is a painting, novel, musical composition, or other creative work, that has not been brought to a completed creator may have chosen not to finish it, or may have been prevented from doing so by circumstances outside of their control, such as pieces are often the subject of speculation as to what the finished piece would have been like had the.

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Johann sebastian bach acclaimed one of the giants in musical history

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Seven Bach generations achieved greater or lesser prominence in music from to about Of the group, Johann Sebastian Bach has been acclaimed as one of the giants of musical history. Of the group, Johann Sebastian Bach has been acclaimed as one of the giants of musical history.

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