Kaplan lsat personal statement

The test-taking world would be such an easier place to understand if every test was scored on a scale. Thus, getting one wrong answer does not equate to one lost point in your overall score. Rather, your raw score, the number you get correct out of the roughly questions on the test, is converted into a score based on a mathematical formula specific to that particular test. On average, getting a raw score of 87 out of or above converts into an LSAT score of or above.

Kaplan lsat personal statement

It is not a throwaway. That means there is an awful lot of pressure on you to get it right, and it all starts with a great opening. They can quickly sniff out when something rings false.

In some of the examples above, the use of hyperbole and dramatic action is more distracting than it is informative.

Begin with you rather than going too general There is always a subset of law school applicants who love to start their personal statements with a maxim, truism, or vague and general description of a feeling or a idea.

In general see what we did there? No need to get cute We understand the allure of doing something cutesy or clever or tricky. However, this is a law school application—not your blog.

Kaplan lsat personal statement

Why do you need a faux cross examination to tell us about yourself? Instead, go back to the very first point: When in doubt, take heart, and always ask somebody else to read your essay and give you honest, constructive feedback.

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As a result, law school admissions officers see too darned many of them. One Kaplan Graduate Admissions Consultant vividly remembers the best law school personal statements they ever read—a personal statement that got the writer acceptance letters to several top law schools.

The essay told an epic tale about a student who struggled to achieve passing grades — moving on and off of academic probation, and through a myriad of stops, shifts, and re-starts, from one college to another — for the better part of a decade following his graduation from high school.

For a time, it appeared that he was destined to be a college drop-out. To make matters worse, as the student floundered academically, he bounced around from one retail job to another.

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Then, one day, he took a position as a grassroots worker on a local political campaign. He quickly realized that he had found something that he loved to do, but just as importantly, he was very good at it. His life soon changed in dramatic ways.

He almost immediately became a star local operative for a major political party, and in a very short time period worked his way up and into state-wide and national campaigns.

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His confidence ultimately inspired his academic career. He transferred any grades that he could i. For his final two years of college credit which were required to attain a degree from the institution to which he had transferredhe aced nearly every course that he took and set his sights on a career in law.

As compelling as the above storyline is, it is important to always keep in mind that an outstanding story counts for little without an effective organizational structure and proper literary execution.

Toward that end, the applicant in this case sought to engage the reader by presenting a scene in the opening paragraph which depicted one of the happiest moments of his life — his triumphant college graduation.

It was as he moved toward the end of the first paragraph and into the second that he added the engaging twist which showed that his academic success story was far from the norm: Most importantly, the applicant did not harp on the lengthy, negative period in his life that I described above.

Rather, he took a straightforward and succinct approach in recounting the great challenges that had stymied him for so many years. From there, it was off to the heart of the essay — how the applicant overcame his struggle and succeeded, ultimately setting a clear and direct course for law school along the way.

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Finally, in the concluding paragraph of the essay, the applicant brought the reader full circle — back to the opening story. There he was, still standing at graduation, but instead of thinking simply about his past and how he had made it to this point, he was now looking toward the future and thinking about how he was fully prepared to conquer the challenges that lay ahead in law school and beyond.

One of these letters came with a handwritten note from a law school dean who praised him for doing such an outstanding job on the personal statement.With the October LSAT soon to be a thing of the past, it’s almost time (and time if you took the June LSAT) to get your law school personal statement in tip-top shape.

Here are some of my best tips for crafting a personal statement you can really be proud of. Kaplan University has been acquired by Purdue University, creating Purdue University Global, a new public university with more than online heartoftexashop.com Global makes it possible for adult students to achieve a high-quality education from the respected Purdue University system.

Kaplan teachers are in the top 10% of the UKCAT exam and are usually current medical students or practising doctors.

Kaplan lsat personal statement

They go through a rigorous training program of auditions, observations and on-going feedback surveys to ensure they meet the Kaplan standard of . Read our expert's review about Kaplan Test Prep. Ratings include format, range of questions, tutors, scoring, programs, personalization, features and more.

Sample Personal Statement for Interpretation & Translation. As a middle school teacher of English, I have experienced the joy and the sense of achievement of imparting my knowledge to students.

Sep 06,  · Re: Kaplan LSAT Post by bball» Tue Sep 06, am I took a Kaplan course and it took me from a to consistently scoring mid-high 's ( on June test).

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