Reaction paper for human resources

Science is the concerted human effort to understand, or to understand better, the history of the natural world and how the natural world works, with observable physical evidence as the basis of that understanding1. There are, of course, more definitions of science.

Reaction paper for human resources

With human resource management therefore, this is an inherent part of the organizational management which deals with the workforce of an organization. This management takes the form of development, application and evaluation of procedures, policies and programmes associated with humans for the purpose of optimizing the contributions thereof to the objective of the organization.

In this paper, the discussion focuses on providing and explanation to how different aspects of HRM work together to elevate employees contributions and effectiveness in organizational goals and objectives attainment Radhawa,p.

The HRM aspects under investigation include EEO and Affirmative action, development of human resource, compensations and benefits, labor relations and employees, and health and safety of the employees as well as their recruitment, selection and planning.

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EEO and Affirmative action Equal Employment opportunities and affirmative makes it illegal for discrimination of any qualified employee in specific type of jobs by managers in certain workplaces.

A good human resource manager must not risk the organization by bleaching these laws as such may result to law suit or criminal action.

In fact, human resource management should put in place programs or procedures to ensure that no form of discrimination occurs to a potential employee during job application, selection, interviews, and recruitment.

Discrimination can occur in the form racial, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, color or racial boundaries. Today, instances of discrimination have occurred in my organization based on disqualification of potential employees who the organization describes as being aged despite experience.

There is always an argument that being an IT industry, only the young generation must apply for positions here. The application of EEO in the organization in future is to specify the age bracket within which the potential employees must fall within instead of frustrating aged persons with unreasonable disqualifications.

The success of such a procedure will be useful to me as a HR manager in expanding the HR procedures, like recruitment, selection, development, compensation etc, to give room to diversity and inclusion as the US citizenry is diverse. This would mean that all persons bring forth different talents, abilities, skills and experiences into the organization increasing its productivity.

Human resource planning Before an organization hires any workers planning must be done in order to identify what the future requirements of the organization are, the types of workers needed, their recruitment and selection criteria, retention and needs supply among others.

Reaction paper for human resources

HR recruitment and selection then follow suit after HR planning by initially attracting and screening potential human resource for the required posts Radhawa,p. Afterwards, selection takes place with only the best man being considered for the job. Again, effective hr planning ensures that the job description is precise and accurate so as the recruitment and selection do not discriminate on qualified persons due to ambiguity or lack of clarity.

As a hr manager in the future, I will implement hr planning to serve as the basis for the recruitment and selections since it provides the required job descriptions and only the best fit takes up the position. Additionally, retention must be considered as best fit employees are always a hot cake and with hr planning, the plans goals and objectives will give room for compensations and benefits and hr development and training.

Human resource development Having qualified for the job or on occasions introducing change in the course of employment, employees are subject to development Radhawa,p.

This is where they are taught and provided with relevant knowledge to aid them in fulfilling their work duties in the required standards. Most employees like being subjected to challenges in the course of their work. In the workplace today, I believe the implementation of development will provide to the company a large pool of experts who have the best and most informed experience in the organization and have the right skills and knowledge to take it even to higher grounds.

To differentiate oneself from the competitors, an organization must ensure that all employees have the right knowledge and skills as far as the company product and services are concerned Radhawa,p. Hr development and training is one such program that as a hr manager I would embrace equally among all employees to avoid discrimination, and make everyone subject to better compensation and benefits which would result to self motivation hence higher productivity and performance.

The knowledge gained from hr development would be useful in personal life as the more knowledge I have the better placed I am in decision making in life and in the work place.

Such development would also means growth towards self actualization. In our organization today, majority of the compensation and benefit complains arise from the lack of a good compensation and benefits system that is reasonable and applicable to all.

Many employees therefore fell left out the compensation of overtime hours. Additionally, with the increased costs of living, majority still feel that an increment is necessary to cater for the deficits arising from the same. Demoralized workers are as a result of poor compensation which results to migration from one company to the other in search of satisfaction.

This means loss of employees to competitors and this jeopardizes the market position of the organization in terms of its service or product Sims,p.

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As a human resource manager in the future, an effective benefits and compensation system I would recommend is one that identifies the labor relations laws as well as one which classifies workers in different work groups that are explained in detail and in simple language understandable to all.

This way, I believe an organization is bound to retain its employees and avoid losing them to competitors. Human resource safety and health A good working place must ensure all employees are subject to proper safety and health measures Radhawa,p. The knowledge of work environment working conditions to employees will motivate those taking even stiffer measures on their conduct in such work environments to avoid increasing their vulnerability to harm.

In the course of learning I have known that both the employee and the organization they are working in are responsible in ensuring that safety is not violated with workers, they should read and re-read workplace safety rules and procedures to ensure they are at their fingertips and that working always be governed by them.

Life insurance or accident insurance must also be recommended to all employees such that they are prepared for any future accidents from within the same work station Radhawa,p. Organizations on the other hand must keep the employee updated on any advances in safety measures as well as ensure that no work is done without the presence of a supervisor or the right and required instruments.Reaction Paper on Human Resource Manager People have been the most valuable resource of the people since the time immemorial.

In spite of the tasks performed and their goals there ought to be some human resource level. This fact has made it necessary to have human resource management that is efficient. Human resource management is a task undertaken in all organizations and it involves the. Learn about human resources.

Reaction paper for human resources

Apart from selecting prospective employees based on work-based accomplishments and skills, hiring managers should also check the applicants’ background. SPECIAL EDITION Gut Reaction > Could food be making us sick - very sick?

In this two-part special Graham Phillips reveals new research about the interplay between food and the bacteria deep inside. Free human resource management papers, essays, and research papers. HOME. Human Performance Analysis, Corp. is one of the leading consulting groups working to assist organizations in performance improvement through the understanding and leveraging of the individual, process, and organizational behaviors necessary to facilitate safe operating performance..

The interaction of people and technology in safety-sensitive organizations leads to inherent risks. [p. ] I. INTRODUCTION.

In a previous paper various propositions were presented which would have to be included in any theory of human motivation that could lay claim to being conclusions may be briefly summarized as follows: 1.

The integrated wholeness of the organism must be one of the foundation stones of motivation theory.

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