Research papers on jatropha curcas

The University is playing a vital role to make Uttarakhand as focal point of organic farming and a project is being implemented in 24 villages where local varieties are being identified for cultivation under organic mode.

Research papers on jatropha curcas

The present study surveyed selected potential feedstuffs with a specific focus on underutilized animal protein sources, agricultural and agro-industrial by-products. Selection of the feedstuffs was based on availability, cost and the avoidance of conflicts with human consumption.

Proximate analysis was conducted of 40 selected feedstuffs from 6 underutilized animal protein sources and 34 plant feedstuffs from 7 categories to estimate their potential nutritive value for utilization as feedstuff for small-scale aquaculture.

Based on their proximate composition, 6 feedstuffs with highest CP and low NfE, from animal sources, were identified as potential dietary protein source, 16 feedstuffs with high CP and high NfE were identified as dietary protein and Research papers on jatropha curcas source and 11 feedstuffs with low CP and highest NfE were identified as dietary energy source.

Although there are rooms for enhancing aquaculture production in Africa through improvements in the overall production system, in genetics and general farm management principles, the desired growth of aquaculture which is necessary in order to meet the increasing demand for fish is only achievable through cost-effective and high quality fish feed Gabriel et al Locally produced feed reduces the cost of production and hence, cheaper means of meeting the protein requirement improve food security and reduce the level of poverty in developing countries, thus inexpensive and locally available feedstuffs are to be identified.

The search for alternative protein sources is to be focused on by-products and materials which are not suitable for direct human consumption Hoffman et al However, in Ethiopia a number of by-products from agricultural processing is available, which are usually not utilized for human consumption, but may have a high potential for small-scale aquaculture.

It is anticipated that the transformation of locally available by-products low in protein into high quality fish protein, can be a major contribution to improving the protein supply for the local human population.

Several agricultural and agro-industrial by-products available in Ethiopia have been evaluated for their production potential in poultry and livestock feed Beker ; Lema ; Seyoum and Fekede ; Adugna ; Demeke ; Seyoum et al ; Negesse ; Tadessa et al a,b; Ajebu However, only few data are available which cover the suitability of this resource for fish feed Adamneh et al ; Ashagrie et al ; Kassahun et al unpublished.

Development of a feed for fish production involves evaluation of proximate composition of feed components, digestibility and performance efficiency as well as cost implications and conditions of application.

Therefore, the current study was conducted to determine the proximate composition of selected locally available feed components for small-scale aquaculture feed development.

Research papers on jatropha curcas

A specific focus was put on currently underutilized animal protein sources, agricultural and agro-industrial by-products which are not consumed by the human population. Data from the current study are also expected to form the basis for further evaluation of the effects of selected feed components on digestibility and fish growth under different culture conditions.

Materials and Methods The selection of feedstuffs to be covered within this study was based on availability, price and their non-use for human consumption.

Samples were collected during a period of 18 months in typical regions of origin within Ethiopia Table 1.

Research papers on jatropha curcas

The collection of adult sorghum chafer was done by simple traps which are baited with fruit peel Ministry of Agriculture and Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization The localities of samples analyzed in this study are presented in table 1.

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