Review of related literature in inventory management

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Review of related literature in inventory management

Worse, many companies rely on the false premise that regular accounting gives a reasonable estimate of the costs of their inventory.

Review of related literature in inventory management

First, inventory cost measurement, in itself, is a tough problem. There are a number of alternative cost accounting systems that can be relevant for some purposes while being inadequate or dangerous for others cf. Then, it is neither always possible nor economical to keep track of all costs, or to split them and allocate them properly.

For instance, at the time of combining the different costs, one needs to make sure that the elements are consistently expressed either as before-tax figures or after-tax and not a mix of the two.

Second, the true cost of inventory simply entails many elements and goes far beyond the cost of goods sold or raw materials. Managing and maintenance expenses immediately come to mind, but it doesn't stop here.

Add to this insurances, interests, shrinkage, etc. The list is actually long. In this article we endeavor to produce a clear typology of these costs to help managers get a better understanding of where they should start looking for when determining their inventory costs.

While we might try to give rule of thumb estimates for some of these, the reader has to keep in mind that each of these costs is extremely business specific and depends on policies and management decisions ex: Categorizing inventory costs Again, while there are a lot of common grounds in the literature, the categories and subcategories of inventory costs fluctuate and overlap, or are designated under different names.

Inventory costs fall into 3 main categories: Ordering costs also called Setup costs Carrying costs also called Holding costs Stock-out costs also called Shortage costs. We briefly define these notions, but among those three categories, the carrying costs retain the bulk of our attention.

Other typologies exist, some of them more relevant for producers. Ordering costs The ordering cost also called setup costs, especially when producers are concernedor cost of replenishing inventory, covers the friction created by orders themselves, that is, the costs incurred every time you place an order.

These costs can be split in two parts: The cost of the ordering process itself: It typically includes fees for placing the order, and all kinds of clerical costs related to invoice processing, accounting, or communication.

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For large businesses, particularly for retailers, this might mainly boil down to the amortized cost of the EDI electronic data interchange system which allows the ordering process costs to be significantly reduced sometimes by several orders of magnitude.

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This Review of Related Literature and Studies, illustrate the specific and general task of the Inventory Management System, also the types of Inventory that gives a lot of knowledge for everyone before entering into business and using Inventory. Draft Literature Review for LCC Methodology Project Davis Langdon Management Consulting June 1 Foreword The literature review in this document relating to .

Spare parts inventory control: a literature review José Roberto do Regoa*, Marco Aurélio de Mesquitab a*[email protected], USP, Brazil [email protected], USP, Brazil Abstract Spare parts inventory are needed for maintenance and repair . ISSN: ISO Certified International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT) Volume 4, Issue 10, April

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