Should animals be tamed

Because the majority of states do not keep accurate records of exotic animals entering their state, it is impossible to determine exactly how many exotic animals are privately held as pets, but the number is estimated to be quite high.

Should animals be tamed

Jan 12, in Informative Should Wild Animals be Kept as Pets One can argue that animals can be tamed if their existence is considered to be endangered. In such a situation people do tame the animal to protect the species. This idea is highly welcome as some animals are said to be greatly diminishing in number due to various ecological reasons.

People may argue a lot whether this a form of poaching or protection but there is a reasonable opinion that it is of great importance in bid to keep the wild species.

Moreover in some countries wild animals can be kept for their aesthetic benefits. Take a tiger for example, it may be for its beauty that a person may decide to keep it as a pet. On top of the latter, it is necessary for a person to find more information about the animal to tame an animal as a pet.

Some information provided by scientists can only be useful if one has interacted with the animal for a long time. This leaves peoplewith just their hands tied.

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The only escape route if possible is to probably tame the animal and keep it as a pet. Economic reasons have also been a push factor that has made some people try to find ways to keep wild animals as pets. Some people have kept wild animals in a bid to reap money out of them.

Should animals be tamed

An example is some magicians who use monkeys in their trickery. This really boosts their marketability. A dozen of dancers have also incorporated monkeys in their performances. It is also common to find people taming animals just for their personal satisfaction. Such people are known to be passionate about animals.

They do find joy in dealing with animals. They can go up to an extent of taming wild animals for their pleasure. As cited above, this really boosts a person's life, makes it a joyous, which results in a healthy way of living.

Despite the various reasons and advantages for taming wild animals as pets, there are cons that make affair very tricky and disadvantageous indeed.

These reasons make people think twice before venturing in the act. The challenges involved may be legal or just natural issues that are very difficult to solve. To start with, a lot of countries have abstract, strict laws that govern the wild animals in the country.

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These laws vary from one country to another. In terms of the federal laws, there are three of these kinds namely: The Endangered Species Act prohibits the trade of an endangered animal species; the Public Service Act prohibits the importation of any non-human primate into the country, whereas the Lacey Act allows the U.

On the other hand state laws have the authority over the animals possessed by a person. The state laws vary from state to state mainly with regard to the animals being governed. Some states ban the possession of exotic animals, while others partially ban the possession of the animals.

Some states in the U. Such legal issues often act as a fend for people trying to tame wild animals as pets. One has to undergo a lot of legal sieving to be allowed to acquire an animal.Should wild animal be tamed or not?

no they shouldn't by Antonio Molina on 4 December Tweet. More presentations by Antonio Molina can wild animals be tamed or not. Untitled Prezi. Can a Great White Shark Be Tamed?\ More prezis by author Popular presentations. See more popular or the latest.

prezis. Prezi. Product; Gallery;. Wild animals would not be wild anymore; the humans have tamed them. Their natural behavior will change. Some people agree that animals should be kept in the zoo. A single wild animal can be tamed if it is captured at a young age and raised with a lot of careful human nurturing.

But this is strictly an acquired trait, and a single taming does not suddenly. 5 reasons why you shouldn't raise wild animals as pets Should you try to rescue that abandoned baby bunny or bird?

Absolutely not, and here's why. Common animals such as dogs, cats, horses, pigs and cows are kept as pets and are adaptive to humans because they are domesticated.

But most of their relatives like foxes, tigers and zebras remain stubbornly wild and dangerous to humans. Jun 22,  · However, some remarkably small-brained animals can be tamed. Patient keepers have tamed spiders, scorpions, and even colonies of wasps!

Arthropods, crustaceans, and anything with more intellect than they have (all vertebrates) can potentially be tamed.

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