Significance study about tardiness in the philippine school

High School and Students Every hour misspent is lost forever, and future years cannot compensate for lost days at this period of your life. Tardiness can be broadly defined as missing time over the course of a school day.

Significance study about tardiness in the philippine school

The primary aim of the study was to improve the punctuality of identified middle school students by providing them with rewards and incentive on the observation of each decrease in their tardiness.

In addition to it, it focused on facilitating and transforming the behavior of the parents and teachers towards student tardiness in the school. Action research design was applied and eight students were chosen for the intervention of determined strategies. Later, six weeks intervention was planned for the identified students and incentives were attached for them for coming on time.

After the weeks of intervention the post test was carried out using the similar measures. The data included observations in two phases; pre-intervention observation and a post intervention observation by reviewing the attendance register.

These findings highlight the importance of a relationship between institutional practices of reward and behavoiour modification in students. Students are enrolled not only to acquire knowledge and understanding of the world phenomenon but also to become better citizens and human beings.

In this regard, schools through their curriculum inculcate the significance of social skills in the learners in order to aid with the required skills to be become responsible beings. On the other hand, the students and families are equally held responsible for the learning they acquire from the school and attitude and beahviour that exhibit towards school and learning.

Hence, the students in the school are not only assessed for the demonstration of their intellectual capabilities but also their behavior. One set of students make it a point to reach school on time whereas, the others present relaxed attendance habits.

They arrive late almost every day and appear to have varying attitudes for their repeated lateness. This was further analyzed from the teachers perspective where almost all teachers who take first period in the school find first five to ten minutes of the class a sheer waste because of the students who do not come on time.

Teachers find it very inconvenient as the momentum of the class does not remain smooth and coherent if any of the students enter late.

A few teachers are found ignoring them, a few are sighted to send them back to home, and a few are observed to penalize them either corporal or incorporeal. Hence the researchers found this problem to be significant in the urban school context and it is observed that not much research work has been carried out in Pakistan to address this problem.


Therefore, In order to fully understand student tardiness the researchers evaluated the external causes. Additionally, the researchers looked at students, teachers and administrators perceptions and behaviors regarding student tardiness.

Tardiness is often discussed as an important topic in magazines and newspapers but seldom in research. Hence the researchers picked up this problem to address this problem creatively and effectively. The whole school is affected by this problem.

Educational psychologists took a great interest to find the causes of and solutions to, tardiness and subsequently worked a lot to get the most accurate findings.

They were more focused about discovering the root causes behind tardiness so that this problem is addressed appropriately. There are many reasons for the students to show tardiness in the school, few reasons are directly related to the student that is students are not taking their breakfast on time, students are de-motivated to come to the school and the young ones who find it extremely difficult to get up early in the morning.

Significance study about tardiness in the philippine school

Whereas a few are not related to the students, but fall on others like family members, van drivers and others who do not support students to be on time. Researchers view tardiness as a form of absence because this is how students miss a part of their class regardless of being excused or not.

For that reason researchers reckon it as a chronic problem as two of the classes which the researchers have taken into consideration, have around six students who turn up late every other day and show signs of lethargy and disengagement from school.

What is the significance to study of tardiness and absenteeism

The familiar faces are lined up every morning outside the attendance office with no concern or emotion on their faces whenever the researchers pass by. This attitude can even become more adverse when the students re-promoted from their middle school to high school.

Kirkpatrick, Crosnoe and Elder educational psychologists, stated that school tardiness and absenteeism accelerate if the students are not committed to their school. In an earlier study, Osterman reached at the same conclusion, vigorously stating that if students do not at home in their school environments, they prefer to be absent or tardy at school.

Students who are tardy miss the starting of their morning classes, and this also is a reason of distraction when they reach late to class. Furthermore it is also observed that students whose ratio of tardiness is high score low grades, constitute less GPA during assessments and finals.

They remain distracted that whole day which leads to the behavioral problem and on the other hand most of the students are suspended, rusticated or dropped out from the school.Decreasing Students Tardiness.

Download. schools through their curriculum inculcate the significance of social skills in the learners in order to aid with the required skills to be become responsible beings. stated that school tardiness and absenteeism accelerate if the students are not committed to their school. In an earlier study.

Research Brief Strategies for dealing with tardiness Question: What works to reduce tardiness? suspended after reading a parody of his school's tardiness policy to a group of friends in the cafeteria. Smith's commentary, written at home, criticized the school's new tardiness policy, the process leading The focus of this study was the school.

* Significance of the Study The significance of this study or term paper to the students is that, students will be able to concentrate in their study and improve their performance as well.

For the school, late students is one of the biggest problems of the school that until now cannot be resolved, making it less would give the discipline office a rest. Prevention of tardiness among the high school students of Manresa School. C. Objectives of the Study At the end of the study, the group is expected to 1.

To find out why the high school students of Manresa school are tardy. 2. To prove that it is possible for the students .

School personnel, school boards, and parents who examine this data will have a better understanding of school tardiness, related school deviant behaviors.

Here are the questions this study wants to answer: 1. In this study, the research team studied the effects of student’s attendance on academic performance; with the major objective of the study is to investigate the relationship between student attendance and academic performance and to examine factors that affect student.

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