Solving a local problem

We've seen a few instances where people have used a global setting to solve a local problem. For example, people who use the LockWindowUpdate function to prevent a window from redrawingtoggle a global setting to see what its value isor who change the system time zone as part of an internal calculation.

Solving a local problem

Assessing and developing student skills Developing visions of a sustainable future Evaluating actions and changes All these steps are important but, no doubt, you noticed that the above list is not in a logical problem solving sequence.

Re-arrange the steps into a more logical sequence. For example, as students develop confidence in Community Problem Solving, the need to assess and develop their skills will diminish. And often, new issues for investigation will arise as you progress through the steps, requiring a recycling backwards and forwards through the steps.

Solving a local problem

What is important is that the steps be used flexibly and be adapted to local circumstances, to your own students, and to your own approach to teaching.

Review the case study from Modules 15 and 24 about a geography class in Nepal that worked in their home village to develop a local sustainable development plan. Identify which of the eight steps were used and in what order.

Explain how you could use the Community Problem Solving approach to guide students through the study of a local issue. Review a teaching guide for student participation in solving local transport problems. Service Learning Service learning — through which students volunteer to work on projects in their communities not necessarily problem-solving ones — has a long tradition in education in some countries.

Solving a local problem

Examples of service learning projects include: Service learning is a common action that students and schools choose as a way of acting on — and achieving — the visions of a sustainable future that are developed during a Community Problem Solving project.

A recent evaluation of service learning revealed major impacts on students: The impacts on the students? Students showed positive, statistically significant impacts on three measures of civic development: Participants in high school service-learning programs showed significant impacts on service leadership and the overall civic attitudes scale and a marginally significant impact on attitudes towards diversity.

Middle school students, in contrast, showed some gains in the measures of civic attitudes, but none were statistically significant. The largest impact on civic attitudes was on the measure of service leadership? Here, the students reported that they felt that: These are all good indicators of a very clear and positive contribution to active citizenship for a sustainable future.Therefore, this Collaborative Problem-Solving approach is intended to support a limited number of community proposals that use inclusive, collaborative and resourceful processes to authentically engage the community to tackle challenges and create solutions.

Problem-solving is a mental process that involves discovering, analyzing and solving problems. The ultimate goal of problem-solving is to overcome obstacles and find a solution that best resolves the issue.

It also means finding positive examples of problem solving in the local context. “Someone somewhere probably has a better way.

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Find them, learn, iterate and adapt, and share your ideas with the community of practice,” Woolcock said. Dec 11,  · This program addresses a local problem (disable autoplay for Program X) by applying a global solution (disable all media insertion detection).

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