Summary ruined maid poetry analysis summation

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Summary ruined maid poetry analysis summation

He wrote poems in his spare time and submitted them to various London magazines, but with very little success in terms of publication.

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Living in London, Hardy was well aware of the large number of prostitutes who openly plied their trade and accosted passers-by on the main streets. Who could have supposed I should meet you in Town? And whence such fair garments, such prosperi-ty? The poem comprises six four-line stanzas with an AABB rhyme scheme and rhythmical dactylic beat i.

The pattern is only broken in the final stanza, when the town girl has the final two lines to herself. The contrast is given in part by the distinctions noted by the first speaker, namely the fine attire of the other, her refined speech, fair complexion and general satisfaction with life.

However, the language spoken by the two women is also markedly different, in that the ruined maid uses standard urban English and the country girl uses many local words and phrases that are clearly understood by the town girl but would not be familiar to the modern reader.

These words and phrases are only occasionally heard today in Dorset, and are generally only used by older people in the remoter areas of the countryside.

Great poetry explained: The Ruined Maid, by Thomas Hardy

It is the language that Hardy would have used himself from an early age, but he was soon aware that people outside Dorset would not be willing to read novels and poems that they could not understand, and so he adopted standard English for the bulk of his writings, only slipping a few dialect words into the conversation of his characters and poems such as this, although the point of so doing in this instance is to stress the contrast between town and country.

The question posed by Hardy is: One could imagine that many poets would have become very preachy about such behaviour and condemned the town girl for her immorality. However, Hardy does not do this. That is because Hardy is poking fun at Victorian urban morality, which was very different from that of the rural world in which he had grown up.

There is no reason to assume that this was an unusual event in s Dorset, and it is highly probable that as many brides went to the altar pregnant then as now.

Indeed, given the lack of reliable contraception in rural England, one would imagine that the likelihood was even greater. The point is that there was no social stigma against sex before marriage, this being an invention of middle-class urban communities.

Summary ruined maid poetry analysis summation

It is quite likely that the country girl has also lost her virginity, but, because of her lowly status, this would have had no social connotation. As the poem makes clear, the girl who left the farm to try her luck in town got the better deal, as long as her ambitions went no higher than to gain the material advantages described by the country girl.

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Summary ruined maid poetry analysis summation

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What poetry techniques and theme does Thomas Hardy use in "The Ruined Maid"? Most notably, Hardy uses an AABB "perfect rhyme" scheme. A theme in many of Hardy's works, Victorian era social norms and constraints and Victorian society are themes in the poem. Certainly, the Describe and analyze the main speaker of "The Ruined Maid" .

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